About Resilient Bloomington

Resilient Bloomington connects the people of Bloomington to use our resources, skills and creativity to prepare for and stay strong in uncertain times ahead.

We live in a historically comfortable, safe, and stable town, but with the rest of the world we face challenges from the linked effects of climate change, political and economic instability, and reliance on a technological infrastructure increasingly vulnerable to physical disruption and cyberattack. These are new kinds of issues, and we are going to need lots of fresh ideas to keep Bloomington strong through the coming decades.

Bloomington is an amazing, diverse, vibrant town. Our schools and colleges are filled with people with a rich variety of experiences, skills and insights. Together, we can make a difference. Resilient Bloomington is about helping each other through the everyday things that go wrong – the flooded basement, the lost pet, or neighbor with a medical emergency – while at the same time building strength and resilience, and working on creative solutions for the bigger challenges we face in the coming decades.

We invite you to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and to join the movement of people helping Bloomington being a town of strong, kind, prepared and resourceful people for decades to come.